German Fish Delight Route

Genuine fish delight and North German fish experience highlights for cyclists, campers and sailors

The German Fish Delight Route inspires and informs with a variety of tips for day trips and tours lasting several days, which can be designed according to individual preferences. The route links, for example, enjoyable cycling directly along the coastline - sometimes in front of, sometimes on or sometimes behind the dike - , impressive maritime coastal routes, viewpoints, coastal towns or fishermen and marinas with the culinary fish and seafood enjoyment in all its facets.

The special focus is on regional specialties - from genuine classics such as Glückstädter Matjes, Bremerhavener Backfisch or Büsumer Krabbe to the traditional fish roll and cheeky fish tapas. Nowhere does #fish delight taste as good as at the original locations at the mouth of the Weser, on the Elbe and along the German North Sea coast. For those who want to immerse themselves in the maritime regions and cities in addition to the active and culinary experience on the #DFGR, additional sights and discovery highlights are recommended to match their route planning.

Special overnight spots, such as spending the night in a lighthouse, on a ship, parking spaces for mobile homes in front of the dike, directly at the lock in Bremerhaven or on the Glücksstädter Mole or in Brunsbüttel with a magnificent view of the Elbe, are also highlighted depending on the type of trip.

Who has now desire on delight tours with the wheel, north German liberty feeling with the camper or adventurous coast feeling and fishing experience from the water side, which finds on the Website (only in German) the suitable information.

Who would rather be inspired regularly over Facebook ( or Instagram ( or would like to share also gladly its personal fish highlights in the Community, also that is made possible.

Under the hashtags #Fischgenuss #Fischverliebt and "DFGR", all recommendations, experiences and highlights on the German Fish Delight Route will be bundled together in the future.

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