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From the Devil's Moor to the Wadden Sea

Experience pure nature in the Federal State of Bremen between the River Elbe, River Weser and the North Sea.

Discover the multi-facetted natural landscape within the green triangle between the two estuaries of the Elbe and the Weser and the North Sea coast. Experience along the 450 kilometer long cycling route a region, which distinguishes itself more than any other region through natural diversity and cultural specialties. Rivers, lakes and the sea are your escorts.

Route Plan
Design your own individual route!
It’s your choice: If you would like to experience everything all at once you can cycle the whole route (450 km). Or you can do the tour in stages. There are two options either the South route or the North route, which you can cycle between Bremervörde and Bremerhaven using the alternative route.

The South Route (220 km)

Along the South route you will experience the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, and the Teufelsmoor with the art village Worpswede. In the recreation resort Bremervörde you will take a short cut through Beverstedt in the direction of the Seaside City of Bremerhaven. Traveling along the River Weser you will reach the outskirts of Bremen.
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The North Route (approx. 330 km)

The northern part of the tour will lead you through the old Hanseatic City Stade, along the River Oste, through the Kehdinger and Cuxland regions to the Wadden Sea near the North Sea spa town Cuxhaven and then further leading to the Seaside City of Bremerhaven. The alternative shorter route will lead you through the recreation resort Bremervörde from which you will again reach the Stader Geest.
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Please also note the construction site information
Blocking of the Geeste Bridge: Estimated construction time from May to the end of November 2019.

Further inland or with a scent of sea air?

In Cuxland you also have the choice of traveling the main route between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven, which will lead you through the history-filled moor spa town Bad Bederkesa or you can travel the alternative route along the River Weser dyke. In this case you will travel trough the fishing villages of Wremen and Dorum.

- active relaxation in the great outdoors
- ideal for group trips and meeting new people
- magical towns
- good for your health and fitness
- diverse landscape without stress and hectic

You can find the route here.

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