Circular route through the south of Bremerhaven

A walk through district Wulsdorf

The 4.5-kilometer-long, level circular route begins at the small 11th-century Dionysius Church on the corner of "Bremer Straße"/"Am Jedutenberg". In front of it stands the 500-year-old bell tower with its cuboid columns made of bricks, which carries three bells. The largest bell dates from 1421, the middle one from the 13th century and the third one around 1300. Whoever thinks that there are no mountains in Bremerhaven will be taught a better lesson here.

To the right of the church is the artificially raised Jedutenberg, which is five meters high. It is not proven whether this is a watchtower, a place of worship or something similar.

The church on your right you follow the "Bremer Straße" and turn right into the "Tränkestraße". Almost at its end it makes a 90 degree bend to the right. Before the busy "Weserstraße" you turn left into the parallel, quieter street. Pass the Harley Davidson store and follow the road straight ahead until you reach Ikea and turn left there. The path makes a 90 degree bend to the left before you turn right. Parallel to the bypass your way leads you through fields and meadows, before you turn left again and cross the brook "Rohr" to reach "Hagener Weg". At the end of this road you turn left into "Süderstraße". Continue along the second street on the right, the "Allersstraße", before turning left into the "Zingelke" path, which leads you in a zigzag through the old village center to the church, whose red roof you will soon recognize behind tall trees.

If the short way through the old village center, the green area, is too unsafe for you, DO NOT turn into "Zingelke" and continue to follow "Allersstraße", at the end of which you turn left into "Bremer Straße" and thus reach the starting point of your round trip.

You can reach the starting point and end point of the circular route at the bus stop "Am Jedutenberg" with the Bremerhavenbus line 505.

Length of the path: 4,5 km


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