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About the largest nature reserve in the state of Bremen

Start of the flat route is the parking lot at the road Am Seedeich, where the road curves and no longer runs along the dike. In the shelter directly at the parking lot you will find interesting information about the Luneplate nature reserve. Follow the path. To your left you will see the foothills of the Lune, the 43-kilometer-long right tributary of the Lower Weser. To your left you will see the Treibsel-Platz. Treibsel is derived from the word drift and refers to drifting or flotsam that is washed ashore. An essential part of dike maintenance is the removal of this driftwood, which is deposited, piled up, shredded and screened here.

The path is long behind the dike. However, it is worth climbing the top of the dike and letting your gaze wander over the Weser to the other side of the dike. To your left is the Luneplate, an EU bird sanctuary. The nature reserve, which has been around 1,400 hectares in size since 2015, includes marshland, mudflats and tidal polder. The artificially created inundation area here lies deeper than the Weser flood and is flooded twice a day.

You turn left into the street. To your right you will pass an observation hiding place from where you can watch the resting and breeding birds in peace. In winter it is an area for about 10,000 birds. Barnacle goose, avocet, quickening, spoonbill, Great White Egret and black-tailed godwit are only some of them. Follow the path always straight ahead. On your left, with a bit of luck, you can observe the water buffalo. Together with the Galloway cattle that live here, they keep the pastures short and destroy plants that are harmful to the birdlife. At the end of the road turn left into the Intweg, which you follow and which becomes the street "Auf der Jührde". At the end, turn right into Grenzweg, from there left into Am Raasenhamm/Hauptstraße and then left into Deichshelmer.

Unnoticed, you have left the state of Bremen and reached Lower Saxony with the small town of Lanhausen. The Deichshelmer leads past the village into the countryside and over the small river Lune. Keep right at the fork and right again at the next fork. Shortly after, the road changes into the street Seeborg, which you follow to the right and from there turn left into Am Lunedeich. You cross the street Bohmsiel and reach the street Am Luneort*.

If you want to return to the starting point, follow the street Am Luneort to the left. On your right you will see the docks of the Bredo shipyard. Bredo Dry Docks is one of Europe's leading shipyards for conversion, repair and maintenance, where over 250 dockings are carried out annually. On your right you will see the Wulsdorf water sports club with its sailing and motor boats, then the former Luneort airport and the central sewage treatment plant, before you return to the starting point of your route on your left.

*If you do not want to go back to the starting point, follow the street Am Luneort to the right, cross the street Am Lunedeich and you will come to the street Deichhämme. At the third crossroads, the Weserstraße, turn left. After a few meters you will find a bus stop of the public transport.

Length of the trail: 11.8 km and 14.0 km

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