Geest Farmyard

A preservation society for local agricultural architecture was founded by the regional historian Dr. Johann Bohls (1863-1950) in Lehe in 1908. A first preserved house was erected on a premises leased from the Town of Lehe in 1909 to 1910. It now forms part of Speckenbüttel Park. The foundation stone was laid for today's open-air-museum of Speckenbüttel, which consists of eleven buildings.

The first historical building transferred to Speckenbüttel was a farmhouse (1629) from Lintig in the Geest hinterland of Bremerhaven. In 1912, a pensioner’s cottage from Köhlen (1645) was added. Since the 1950s, a barn, a sheep stable from Trelsdorf, a moor cottage, a bakery with a clay oven, a whim-gin house, a bee hut and another barn, combined with a gatehouse (1998), have been added.

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