Dutch type windmill

A preservation society for local agricultural architecture was founded by the regional historian Dr. Johann Bohls (1863-1950) in Lehe in 1908. A first preserved house was erected on a premises leased from the Town of Lehe in 1909 to 1910. It now forms part of Speckenbüttel Park. The foundation stone was laid for today's open-air-museum of Speckenbüttel, which consists of eleven buildings.

A first windmill from Leda was erected in 1935. It burned down as a result of children playing with fire in November 1941.

A new windmill of the Dutch type from Holßel (1827) did not follow until 1960. Shortly before New Year’s Eve 1983, fireworks hit the mill and it burned down too.

The preservation society subsequently decided to build a reconstruction. Plans were available of a Dutch type windmill (1720) which had operated in Lehe for 60 years and afterwards in Wehden until the mid-19th century. They served as a basis for the reconstruction of a new mill, handed over to the public in November 1986.

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Dutch type windmill

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