River Geeste

The river Geeste is the most northern and thus the last tributary of the Weser near the sea. Rising about 28 kilometres away from Bremerhaven between Barchel and Basdahl near Bremervörde, the river drains a large part of the area of the present Cuxhaven district (the rural district surrounding Bremerhaven).

Partly winding, the Geeste flows mainly through marshland, some hills in the north limiting the catchment basin. The river flows into the Weser in today's Bremerhaven.

Since the middle ages, the Geeste has been navigable as far as 25 kilometres inland. Its lower part was the location of a number of notable shipyards from 1821 on. But the name of the river is also frequently found in place-names such as Geestendorf, Geestemünde (founded in 1845) or the so called “Geeste Railway” between Bremen and Geestemünde (in service in 1862). Today, there is no more commerce on the Geeste, but a lot of pleasure cruising.

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