Anciliary navigation depot

The responsibility for anciliary navigation in the Bremerhaven region has shifted during the last 130 years. From 1877 to 1921, the Tonnen- und Bakenamt, an interstate authority run jointly by the Bremen, Prussia and Oldenburg states, took care of lights and buoys. When a Department of Transportation was formed in Berlin after the First World War, it also took over much of the maritime administration of the German federal states.

The Water and Shipping Administration of the Federal Republic of Germany took over in 1950 and is still responsible today. The local office is situated on traditional ground on the Geeste estuary. There is a buoy depot with workshops, administration buildings and a large yard. The depot’s wharf is also home to a number of special purpose vessels such as buoy tenders and inspection vessels. The rescue cruiser of the German Life-Boat Institution is also based there.

The depot itself has been in existence since 1877. Before the First World War it was extended several times (1882, 1906 to 1909). Also afterwards, many changes occurred there. Some parts however date back to historical times, for example the brickwork buoy hall, which was constructed by the former Tonnen- und Bakenamt.

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