Old Power Station at Emperior's Lock

To operate the Emperior's lock (in commission late summer 1897), a building was required to house its engine. It contained a steam engine propelling two engines for the hydraulic system and for power generation. The hydraulic power was used for moving the lock gates and other parts such as pumps, winches and a crane on the western pier of Kaiserhafen I (in service 1899).

The generated electric power fed the lamps and lights. The building itself was decorated in the manner of Historism. The two towers with the distinctive framework decoration contained counter weights which exerted the necessary pressure for the pipe systems. The disadvantage of that system of British origin was in the unsually cold winters in Germany, which frequently led to icing up of the pipe systems.

Probably for that reason, both the lock and crane operation were converted into an all-electric system in the 1950s. And so the power station fell into disuse. The engines were dismantled; the building was classified as a historic monument. A society for maritime monuments moved in, using the building for events and exhibitions.

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