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Look-Out Platform Offshore-Wind Energy

The look-out platform offshore-wind energy is located across from the Offshore Terminal-ABC-Halbinsel in Bremerhaven.

It allows visitors to have a view of the gigantic structural components of offshore- wind energy facilities, which are loaded on to the impressive installation ships at this site. Information boards and a multimedia-terminal offer detailed and background information.

The so-called ABC-Halbinsel in Bremerhaven's overseas harbor is an important location for the implementation of the energy turnaround and the construction of offshore wind parks in the German North Sea. Since 2012, on an area of 100.000 m², protected by the 55 m wide and 305 m long Kaiserschleuse (Emperor's Lock), large components of the offshore-wind industry are transshipped and stored by the company BLG. This area has two ship docking spaces, eight additional spaces are located in the direct vicinity. In front of the heavy duty slabs at the terminals with a distributed load of up to 20 t/m² and an integrated rail system the installation ships can dock here using a jack-up-function. The loading and unloading of ships and pontoons is carried out by a skilled team with the use of running gear systems, cranes, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) and fork lifts.

At the look-out platform interesting things dealing with the topic of offshore-wind energy, such as the harbor infrastructure, installation ships, the manufacturing companies located in Bremerhaven as well as arguments and facts about offshore-wind energy as a foundation for the energy turnaround are presented. Independent of the operation and opening hours, visitors to the Seaside City can gather information here about the current construction of wind parks at the available presentation boards and the multimedia-terminal. The sponsors of this project have provided their current film and picture material, which is continuously updated in accordance with the construction development of the wind parks.

The "look-out platform offshore-wind energy“ is a joint project of the BLG Logistics Group AG & Co. KG, the Harbor Administration bremenports, the The Bremerhaven Economic Development Company Ltd. and further players from the offshore-wind industry.

The look-out platform offshore-wind energy was made possible by: AREVA Wind GmbH, The Bremerhaven Economic Development Company Ltd., BLG Logistics Group AG & Co.KG., Bremenports GmbH&Co.KG, BVT Brenn- und Verformtechnik Bremen GmbH, CHS Container Handel GmbH, Deutsche Offshore Consult GmbH, Hochtief Solutions AG Civil Engineering Marine and Offshore, Harren & Partner Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG, RWE OLC GmbH, WAB Windenergie Agentur e.V., WeserWind GmbH, wpd AG.

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Look-Out-Platform Offshore-Wind Energy

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Look-Out-Platform Offshore-Wind Energy
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