The surroundings of the German Maritime Museum

Between the museum building and the harbour basin, some museum vessels and original exhibits are on display:

  • A steam hammer to forge valves and cylinder heads, manufactured by G. Brinkmann & Co. GmbH, Witten/Ruhr in 1905. It was used from 1905 to 1987 on the Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Bremen-Vegesack and is now on view near the main building.
  • An electric gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 3 tons manufactured by Bremerhavener Eisenwerk AG in 1925 and converted in 1951 to be seen in the northern part of the open-air exhibition area.
  • A steam crane on rails with a lifting capacity of 1-3 tons manufactured by Orenstein & Koppel, Lübeck in 1939/40 on display at the southern edge of the Alter Hafen basin.
  • The light of the "FEHMARNBELT" lightship, built 1904/1905 at AG „Weser“, Bremen, scrapped in Bremerhaven in 1968. It was installed at the present site in 1980/81.
  • The funnel of the only German nuclear vessel, the "OTTO HAHN" (1968), which was converted into a conventional container carrier in Bremerhaven in 1982/83. The funnel was put on display in the museum in 1987.

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