"Minaret" light

A lower light (height 22.4 metres) to the 1854 lighthouse built by Simon Loschen was erected at the southern edge of the entrance to the Neuer Hafen basin in 1893. The construction has a steel skeleton design and the exterior is in a simpler style. Due to its special appearance, the lighthouse was given the nickname “minaret”. The design was by the Bremerhaven port engineer Rudolf Rudloff (1851-1922). Seven years later, he constructed another lighthouse at the entrance of Kaiserschleuse lock, this bearing another look in specific neo-gothic style.

The light in the “minaret” tower was placed 10.35 metres above ground level. At first, it was run on petroleum, later with gas, but then electrified in 1925 and automated as early as 1942. In November 1992, the light was moved over 56 metres to the south-west to the new quay for excursion vessels. It is now listed as a protected construction and still serves as a navigational light.

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