Hinged bridges and machinery houses between Old Harbor and New Harbor

The lock connecting Alter Hafen basin with the sea had fallen into decay in the 1920s after nearly a hundred years of service. So it was filled up, and an alternative connection with Neuer Hafen basin was constructed between 1926 and 1928. Two electrically-powered hinged bridges were installed by two firms (Vereinigte Stahlwerke Dortmunder Union and Freund-Starke-Hoffmann Maschinen AG).

The smaller bridge (beam 4.74 metres) originally served as a railway crossing, but nowadays only pedestrians and cyclists use it. The wider bridge (beam 8.5 metres) was intended for road traffic. Now under protection, the two bridges and the three adjacent little brickwork machinery houses were refurbished in the mid-1980s.

City Map Extract

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