German Emigration Center® Bremerhaven

More than 7 million emigrants left Bremerhaven en route to their overseas destinations from 1830 to 1974. At the spot they departed from, the German Emigration Center® now offers information about that wide-ranging subject in a modern hands-on exhibition.

The exhibits on display bring home to the visitor what emigration really means. A number of emigration stages are reconstructed: departure, passage across the Atlantic, arrival at Ellis Island/New York.

An electronic boarding-pass enables the visitor to access special reading and listening information along the way about personal motivation, historical conditions and biographies of the emigrants.

The Ocean Cinema shows the international film production “Welcome Home”. Emigrants and their descendants in modern America talk about why they left the old continent and what their European ancestry means to them today.

Topical aspects of global migration are shown in Forum Migration. Here personal traces (artefacts or histories) are on display. Access to the most comprehensive international data systems enables visitors to research their emigrant ancestors and relatives.

On April 22, 2012, the German Emigration Center opened an extension, in which more than 300 years of immigration history are presented to Germany. The older exhibition section - the emigration complex - has also been expanded in this context by the aspect of German immigration to the USA since 1683.

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