Wulsdorf Aquatic Club

An aquatic club (Wulsdorfer Wassersportverein e.V.) was founded on February 24th 1922. At the end of the same year it had 45 members. The official registration followed on May 12th 1931. The club flag was created in the same year. In 1932, there were 140 members and the club’s fleet numbered 25 sailing boats, twelve motor boats and ten canoes. A boathouse was inaugurated in August 1935.

A new name (Wesermünder Segelverein Wesermünde) was imposed by the authorities in 1942, but after the war, it reverted to the old name on August 15th 1949.

Because a refrigerated storage building had to be built at the club’s rented site, the latter had to leave it by December 31st 1955. In 1956 the club moved in to the present location . The previous sheds and the boathouse had been dismantled and re-assembled and the new boathouse was inaugurated in 1957.

The club promotes both general sports and elite sports. Among its members, there are participants of the legendary Admiral’s Cup as well as canoeists. In 2001, a youth sail training section was established.

Link to Wulsdorfer Wassersportverein e.V.:  www.wvw-bremerhaven.de

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