Packing sheds nos. IV and VII, pumping station

Three of the historical buildings in Basin I of the Fishery Port Area should be mentioned:

Packing shed no. IV: Situated at the end of the basin, the shed was constructed from 1906 to 1907, in solid stonework, topped by a roof with wooden framework and cardboard sheets. Thoroughly renovated from 1991 to 1992, this shed today houses a number of shops and restaurants, forming the centrepiece of today's “Showcase Fishery Port”.

Packing shed no. VII is situated on the left edge of the basin, north of packing shed no. IV. Built on the site of the former railway station in 1920, it is used today for social activities by various clubs and institutions.

The pumping station also dates back to the early days of Basin I. Today it is also used commercially.

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