Fishery port lock

This history of this lock is tied to the enlargement of the fishery port after the First World War. The second basin there was constructed from 1926 to 1928, but the construction works at the mouth of the Geeste (1921 to 1925) and the entrance to the lock (1922 to 1925) should also be mentioned.

The first basin (1896) had been subject to tidal changes, so it was occasionally hit by flooding and mud deposits. The enlarged area of the fishery port had to be protected from these threats. On November 5th 1921, the foundation stone of the lock was laid. The new lock consisted of two chambers of 100/106 metres length and a beam of 12/30 metres. Three firms from Berlin, Kiel and Munich were responsible for the works. Exactly four years after the foundation-laying, the lock came into service on November 5th 1925. A few months before however, two trawlers had passed the lock unofficially before it had been completely finished.

From 1997 to 2001, the lock was enlarged and thoroughly overhauled. The inauguration of the larger lock was celebrated when the Bremerhaven trawler JAN MARIA passed it on June 6th 2001.

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