Water Tower with Apartments

Besides the water towers at Lehe (1853) and Geestemünde (1891), there is a third one situated in Wulsdorf. The outstanding and easily spotted landmark (height 33 metres) is a combination of water storage and apartment block. When the nearby Geestemünde fishery port was extended in the late 1920´s, accommodation was needed. This type of building (similar edifices can be found in Bremen-Blumenthal and Preetz near Kiel) was designed by the Wesermünde senior government building officer Dr. Wilhelm Kunz (1880-1945). Two water containers made of reinforced concrete and with a capacity of 1500 cubic metres in all are combined with 24 apartments on five storeys. The expressionist brickwork façade was regarded as progressive when constructed in the 1920s. Room for drying was also provided, but when there was a shortage of accommodation after World War Two, this space was also turned into apartments.

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