St. Dionysus Church

St. Dionysus Church is said to be the oldest church in modern-day Bremerhaven. Frankish missionaries adopted the existing St. Dionysus cult and brought it to this area (cf. St. Dionysus church in Lehe, around 1200). Perhaps the medieval village of Wulsdorf (first mentioned 1139) had a modest wooden church.

The present church building was built in the 12th century and had a secondary defence function. The original edifice consisted of natural solid stone and a wooden ceiling. It was first mentioned in 1313. Later, a gothic ceiling and apse were added; the walls were heightened by further brickwork. The clock tower standing separately has three valuable bells, the oldest dating from the 13th century, another from about 1300 and a warning bell from 1421.

Gothic frescos emerged during refurbishment 1928 to 1929. Severely damaged by bombs on June 24th 1944, it was repaired in 1950.

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