Neumarkt Water Tower

Water supply became a serious problem in the Lower Weser region when the population there rose. Some attempts to drill wells to use sufficient water reservoirs proved futile. So the architect Simon Loschen (1818-1902), having designed the Old Lighthouse and the Lord Mayor Smidt memorial church (both of 1855), drew up plans for the water tower at Lehe, built in 1853. This building was the first substantial reaction to the water shortage.

Neighbouring Geestemünde took the same step in 1891 when a water tower was built on the highest point of that area. The outer design was similar to many contemporary water towers in imperial Germany. The Geestemünde tower was of a type designed by Professor Otto Intze (1843-1904). Intze taught at Aachen Technical College and was one of the most important hydraulics engineers of that time. Besides water towers, he was also responsible for reservoirs. The Second World War brought serious damage to the tower. The former dome was replaced by a simple roof. In 1976, the tower was finally so decayed that demolition was seriously considered. But a thorough restoration from 1977 to 1978 reinstalled the original design.

The third water tower in Bremerhaven today is the expressionist one at Wulsdorf built in 1927. This building also houses apartments.

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