History of the railway stations

The first Geestemünde station (built 1862) was situated at a different location from today's Bremerhaven station. It had been established in the port area (today Klussmannstrasse). The building in late classicistic and contemporary round-arch style had facilities for dispatch, a waiting room and a post office. About 1890, these installations became more and more inadequate. Not only new station buildings, but also new tracks had to be constructed to adapt to recent changes in city planning and development. Before construction works started, a lot of planning had to be done.

An agreement between the states of Bremen and Prussia reshaped the railway connections in 1905. In 1910, construction of a new track was started, at Lehe a new cargo station came into service; a new reception building for passenger traffic was inaugurated there on March 26th 1914. The new Geestemünde station (today Bremerhaven main station) followed on July 1st of the same year. All major trains left from there and Lehe.

The railway administration thus called the new station "Geestemünde – Bremerhaven", because both cities were served. The modern shopping arcade in front of the station was opened in January 1992.

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