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Request online appointments with the public office

Terms of Use

To avoid unnecessary waiting times, you can make an appointment with the public office.
You can also make these appointments online.

For doing this please fill the required form step by step.

Step 1:
You can choose from a list a maximum of 3 requests, so we can better plan your appointment.

Step 2:
You choose the desired location - if we can process the chosen request only at a specific location, it will be preselected.

Step 3:
You can choose in a calendar the desired date for the appointment. Please understand that the public office only accepts appointments for the next three months. In the calendar all dates which are not available (like Sundays and Holidays) or completely booked out days are not selectable.

Step 4:
You can choose from a list the desired time - you will only be offered free appointment times during the opening hours.

Step 5:
You enter your personal data to later confirm your request for an appointment.
You can only send this form, after you accept the Terms of Use.
Your E-mail address is needed that really you want to make an appointment and to avoid that another person using your name makes an appointment.
For this reason you will get shortly after sending the form a unencrypted E-mail with a link. Click this link during the next %ConfirmInterval% hours, to confirm and activate your appointment.
After this period your request for an appointment expires.

Should you not be able to attend the appointment, you have the possibility to cancel the appointment with another link also supplied in the above mentioned E-mail.
You have no disadvantage by this. The reserved time frame for you is just been freed for other persons.

Regarding the processing of personal data we want to refer to our data privacy policy.

In our public offices, we strive to serve you as soon as possible and to avoid waiting times largely. You can help by informing yourself about the needed documents on our websites. This will save you from another visit. Please always have an ID document with you. It is needed in most of the requests.