A river in Bremerhaven.

Fishing Association Unterweser e.V.

Fishing in Bremerhaven and Outskirts

The Fishing Sport Club Unterweser e.V. from 1908 is located in Bremerhaven. We are members of the Fishery Association (Landesfischereiverband ) Bremen as well as members of the District Sports Association (Kreissportbund). At the moment the club has 500 members. The waters, which we fish are located in Bremerhaven and the Lower Saxony region.

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You can find us here

ASV Unterweser e. V.

Auf dem Reuterhamm
27576 Bremerhaven
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1. Geeste - from the Uferstraße to the Schiffdorfer floodgate (Stauschleuse) Fish types: white fish, carp, pike perch, pike, eel, bass

2. Old/New Harbor Fish types: eel, flatfish

3. Grau Wall Canal – from Weddewarden to Holßel Fish types: white fish, carp, pike, bass, eel

Every guest fisher must have a valid fishing license.

Guest tickets

Angelcenter Spaden
Zur Hohen Lieth 11
27619 Schiffdorf-Spaden
Tel: 0471 - 4832943
(here you can also get information about the fishing waters)


Day pass: € 10,00
Week pass: € 35,00


ASV Unterweser e. V.
Auf dem Reuterhamm
27576 Bremerhaven


 0049(0)471 - 58 400



Tips, Tickets, Dates:


Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH
Bremerhaven Touristik & Tourist-Infos
H.-H.-Meier-Straße 6
27568 Bremerhaven


 0049 471 - 41 41 41
 0049 471 - 80 93 61 90

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Opening hours:

May - September
(Heligoland saison)
Mon. - Sun. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
October - April
Mon. - Sun. 9.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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