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Citizen's Grove

Since 2010 there is a citizen's grove (Bürgerhain) in Bremerhaven. The idea was initiated by a group of citizens called the „Grünen Kreis“ (green circle) and was implemented together with the Bremerhaven park department.

On an area of 3.336 m² not far from the Clinic Reinkenheide one can donate and plant a deciduous tree. A tree planting can be on the occasion of a wedding, the birth of a child, a birthday or for many other occasions.

Every year in autumn on a designated date all donated deciduous trees are planted by the park department. If requested, tree donators can also participate.

Anyone can become a donator and there is a large variety of trees to choose from.

For a minimum fee of € 60,- the costs for a tree, the planting and care provided by the park department is covered.

Each donator receives a certificate, which is signed by the Lord Mayor and others and if requested a map showing the exact location where the tree has been planted.

If you are interested in planting a tree, please contact the „Grünen Kreis“.

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Citizen's Grove

27574 Bremerhaven
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Citizen's Grove
27574 Bremerhaven
Grüner Kreis“
Herr Töpfer
Muskauer Straße 13
27576 Bremerhaven
Telefon: (0471) 87821 oder 45678
Fax: (0471) 80 41 08

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