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Curtains up - let the film roll!

Bremerhaven finally belongs to the multiplex landscape and you can be part of it!

The waiting has come to an end: with the multiplex cinema CineMotion in the Havenhaus located directly next to the College of Applied Sciences, a new and large cinema complex by the sea has opened – 6 movie halls equipped with the most modern video- and audio technology, with a seating capacity of 1,150, each having a clear view of the screen and lots of legroom, finally makes going to the movies fun! The whole line-up of current popular films await you as well as a daily children’s program, sophisticated cinema etc., etc. .....

However the new large cinema complex CineMotion offers more – regular big screen showings of sports events (i.e. football, soccer, basketball or ice-hockey) give you that stadium atmosphere. During the showings of live concerts or music films you can dance on the stage or in the large foyer, but the halls are also available for private events, large or small: Be it a romantic rendezvous for two with the film of your choice or private parties, anniversaries or corporate events.

Give your friends a presentation of your wedding video or your favorite DVD using the digital beamer or have a romantic picnic in the hall! How about a “Feuerzangenbowle” (red wine punch with flamed off rum) with school friends while watching the original film? The cinema and its technical equipment is also available for professional performances. Showing room "Kino 2" is now equipped with a new digital projector, which also makes digital 3D-projections possible.

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You can find us here


Karlsburg 1
27568 Bremerhaven
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- daily approx. 2:30 pm
- approx. 20 minutes before film showing

Thu.-Sun. and holidays, afternoon until 4 pm:
- Children (up to 11 years of age) € 5,50
- Adults € 7,00
Thu.-Sun. and holidays, afternoon from 4 pm:
- Children (up to 11 years of age) € 5,50
- Adults € 8,00
Monday and Tuesday:
- Children (up to 11 years of age) € 5,00
- Adults € 5,50
- Children (up to 11 years of age) € 5,50
- Adults € 6,50
Family day on sunday:
Adults pay in accompained by their children under 12 years only the children price.
Box seat surcharge € 1,00
Wed. -Fri. Surcharge for over length € 1,00 - € 3,00
3-D-surcharge € 3,00
Monday + Wed nesday student price (not valid on public holidays)
- full-time € 5,50
KoKi on Wednesday:
- for members € 3,50
- with valid NZ card € 4,00
- normal € 5,00


Karlsburg 1
27568 Bremerhaven


 0049 (0)471 - 14 28 920

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H.-H.-Meier-Straße 6
27568 Bremerhaven


 0049 471 - 41 41 41
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Opening hours:

May - September
(Heligoland saison)
Mon. - Sun. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
October - April
Mon. - Sun. 9.30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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