Date and logo of the “SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven”

Windjammer – sailor’s romance

A fresh breeze of salty air and a lot of sailor’s romance in the harbor: that’s what the big and small sailing ships, which are highly anticipated at the SeeStadtFest. Taking your time for the beauty of the oceans is definitely worth it! The four-mast-bark “Sedov” is with its 117 meters the longest traditional sailing ship on earth, which is sailing under the Russian flag and is used for training. Built in 1921, the “Sedov” is a true veteran. With its 110 meters, the “Mir” is almost as long as the “Sedov”, but way younger. The three-mast-bark was built in 1987 in a Gdansk shipyard, but after old plans. Its crew is excellent and is known for being one of the fastest Windjammers. Both ships are regular guests in the harbor of Bremerhaven. For the first time ever, the “Royal Helena” from Bulgaria will be taking part in the “SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven”. The three-mast-bark, which was built in 2009, is usually found in the Black Sea. In contrast, the “Großherzogin Elisabeth”   has a home game. The training ship from the neighborly Elsfleth is known for its white bow and impressive sails.

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