A research vessel at sea.

"Uthörn" - Research cutter

A floating laboratory

For a lot of marine biologists is a ride on the AWI-Research-Cutter “Uthörn” more than a practical test – which is not always a delight for the students. A ride on this cutter can be rough, even though it can be a great chance to put what you learned in practice.

In summer, the cutter goes on excursion on a weekly basis, but that’s not the only way the “Uthörn” is used. In addition, it’s used to withdraw sample material out of the North Sea for self-research and visiting scientists.

Therefore the crew of the cutter is using its very own equipment: demersal nets, plankton nets, hooks and so on. The withdrawn material can be send to any university in Germany upon request. On deck, the crew of the “Uthörn” has enough space to get a good insight of the catch of the day – with a lot of help of a sorting device. In addition, there is a wet- and dry lab on board. They can be adjusted with additional material and equipment if needed.

The “Uthörn” is usually around 140 days at sea. Another important task for the cutter is a long term monitoring-program in the German Bight. Scientists withdraw water samples and examine them, for example nutrient content, salinity and turbidity as well as the temperature of the seawater. For these kind of measurements the Research-Cutter is responsible for the area Eider and Elbe until western Heligoland.

Type: Research cutter
Owner: Alfred-Wegener-Institut
Homeport: Heligoland
Total length: 30,50 m
Width: 8,50 m
Draft: 2,50 m

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