A sailing ship at the quay.

"Theepot" - Lemster Aak

A Dutch sailing ship

The Lemster Aak „Theepot“ was built in the Netherlands around the 1920s. The riveted, steel hull was altered in the Boomsma-shipyard in Sneek, province Friesland, where it got its final look.

Lemster Aaken is one of the round- and flatboats; the characteristic leeboards help as a drift correction, simply because these kinds of boats don’t have a keel.

Furthermore the Lemster Aaken are perfect for shallow waters, especially mudflats. In addition you don’t have to worry when the tide goes out – you can simply fall dry. Boats of this type were a usual sight at the “Zuiderzee” in the Netherlands. For decades, these boat types were used for successful Anchovy- and Herring-Fishery.

As a member of the Schiffergilde Bremerhaven, the owner couple of the “Theepot”, is sailing through April and October in the North- and Baltic Sea under the rules of traditional seamanship. In case you want to explore the adjacent inland waters and river courses – simply put the mast down.

The “Theepot” has already made trips around the Netherlands, up to Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

Type: Lemster Aak
Owner: Dieter von Häfen
Port of call: Bremerhaven
Nation: GER
Length: 10,50 m
Width: 3,55 m
Draft: 0,90 m
Sailing area: 64 m²
Crew: 2

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