A steamship with passengers.

"Stettin" - Steamship

An active museum ship of a special kind with an impressive steam engine.

Built by the Stettiner Oderwerke, the "Stettin" was commissioned on 16 November 1933 as the largest icebreaker under the German flag to date. The client was the Stettin Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The area of operation was the Oder and the Stettiner Haff. After the end of the war, he fled to the west, from then on reporting to the Hamburg Water and Shipping Authority, and the Tonnenhof in Wedel became a new berth. The steamer was in service until 1981 and carried out numerous operations on the Lower Elbe, the Kiel Canal and the Kiel Fjord.
In 1982 it was recognised as a technical cultural monument and taken over by the Förderverein Eisbrecher "Stettin". Since then, the original icebreaker has been kept under steam in the summer for guest trips and serves as a lying museum ship for the rest of the time, primarily in Hamburg's Oevelgönne museum harbour.

Type: Steam ice breaker
Owner: Förderverein Eisbrecher Stettin e.V., Hamburg
Home port: Hamburg
Nation: GER
Length: 51,75 m
Width: 13,40 m
Draught: 5,70 m
Crew: 30

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