A four-mast bark with set sails.

"Sedov" - Four-mast bark

The largest traditionally rigged sailing ship in the world

The „Sedov“, named after the Russian polar researcher Georgij J. Sedov, is the biggest, traditional rigged sailing ship on earth. Like most tall ships, the “Sedov” is used for nautical training.

The ship already lived through three name changes. Built in 1921 in Kiel as “Magdalene Vinnen II”, in 1936 changed into “Kommodore Johnson” it received its name “Sedov” in 1946. It was used as a freighter and travelled through one of the most dangerous passages, the Kap Hoorn. With the ending of WWII in 1945 it was British property and was used as reparations under the Sovjet Flag. After the “Sedov” was renovated between 1975 and 1981 it is now able to function as a training-ship for over 240 people. On board you can find a museum for the history of the ship, as well as classrooms and sport areas. In addition there is also a glass roofed ballroom with a stage. Since 1989 there is a possibility for guests to actively sail as a crew-member.

In 1983 the “Sedov” – back then still the home port was Riga – finally visited Bremerhaven again and is nowadays a beloved guest in our town.

A virtual tour of the ship: Virtual tour through the ship

Type: Four-mast bark
Owner: Murmansk State Technical University
Homeport: Murmansk, Russland
Total length: 117,50 m
Width: 14,60 m
Draft: 8,10 m
Sail area: 4.192 m²

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