Framed collage with ships.

For the „Seaside City Festival“ the company Whalefarer will start an Europe-wide one-time adventure: the extraordinary watercraft “Seabreacher” has a 300 PS strong engine and is able to move on and underneath the water surface. In addition, it is able to roll over and do jumps. On board are just the pilot and the passenger – which decides the manner of driving. A thrilling or gentle ride – everything is possible. Gliding over the water, submerge and gain momentum underwater to do a tremendous leap – just like dolphins and whales!

Up to 100 kilometers per hour are possible. 1,50 meters underwater and 40 kilometers per hour can be reached thanks to a snorkeling system. A ride takes round about 20 minutes. Cast off twice per hour from the Seebäderkaje pontoon. How exciting!

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