A motor boat with passengers is at the quay.

"Quarantäne" - Motor ship

A special service boat

Luckily the „Quarantäne“ was never true to its name. The former service vessel of Bremerhaven's harbor physician never had to serve as a swimming isolation station for sick sailors. And even though the special ship was hardly used in the past, it really has come to life since "retiring": Like all other ships of the Schiffahrts-Compagnie (Maritime Shipping Company) Bremerhaven the „Quarantäne“ can be chartered for tours.

The fact that she now sails in a decorative dark blue instead of the dull authority gray is the only change that the members of the Schiffahrts-Compagnie made to their recent acquisition. Just like the two other ships belonging to the historic fleet, the 19,50 meters long floating hospital was lovingly restored after changing over to museum service.

For 40 years the Quarantäne, which was built 1960 in Bardenfleth, docked on the west quay of the Emperor's Harbor (Kaiserhafen) for the event of an emergency. The harbor physician sailed off with the ship, whenever a sailor became ill on one of the ships or when help was necessary after an accident, also in those cases when the health documents of newcomers had to be checked. With this the „Quarantäne“ is a witness of the changeful history of Bremerhaven's harbors, and is preserved by the Schiffahrts-Compagnie.

Type: Motor ship
Owner: Schiffahrts-Compagnie Bremerhaven e.V.
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Total length: 19,45 m
Width: 4,10 m
Draft: 1,57 m

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