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"Nordwind" - Fore-and-aft sail Ketsch

From the time of Schleswig-Holstein's shipbuilding

The steel-yacht „Nordwind“ was built in 1898 in the shipyard from Johannes Thomählen in Elmshorn. Originally, the ship had a length from around 19,90 meters, width from 5,55 meters and draft from 1,84 meters. The measurements were about 49,90 BRT. That’s why the ship is one of the few old testimonials of shipbuilding from Schleswig-Holstein. The first engine was installed in 1912.

These kind of vessels were built until 1954 and were usually used for heavy-freight-carrying. The ship was used in North- and Baltic Sea from different owners with different purposes. In 1967 the “Nordwind” was refurbished by the owners. It was used for charter trips with sailors and divers to the Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea until the early 2000.

For these trips, the Atlantic was crossed six times. In summer 2014 the “Nordwind” made its way on a two month transfer cruise from Sardinia back to Germany. Nowadays, the ship found its home with the Schiffergilde in Bremerhaven. The yacht is now used for private purposes only.

Type: Fore-and-aft sail Ketsch
Owner: Christina u. Peter Brandes
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Total length: 28,17 m
Width: 5,60 m
Draft: 2,80 m
Sail area: 280 m²

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