Date and logo of the “SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven”

Motor- and Steamboats

The history of steamships goes back until 1707, but during the „SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven“, there are way younger ships around. In 1915 the “Welle” was launched, in 1938 the steamboat “Wal” was built. Since 1990 the “Wal” is towed on the east side of the Neuen Hafen and is definitely an eye catcher. Used for over 50 years as an ice-breaker, it made sure that the most important water way of the world, the Kiel Canal, was navigable. Today, the “Wal” is an museums ship with an impressive steam-engine.

Motorboats are a younger development in the history of shipping. In 1912 a diesel engine was used as a power unit. Even warships were powered by steam until the 1950’s. The “Bad Bramstedt” is a patrol boat of the German Navy and has a hybrid engine. Built in 2000 and with a length of 70 meters, the blue and white boat is known from the German TV series “Küstenwache” and is the second time around for the “SeeStadtFest”.

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