A view on the new harbor in Bremerhaven.

The history of steamship shipping goes back to 1707, but the steamships presented at "Seaside City Festival" are much more recent. In 1915 the steamboat "Welle" was launched, in 1938 the steam ice ship "Wal" was built. Since 1990, the "whale" has been lying on the eastern side of the New Harbour and its mighty hull attracts all eyes. As an icebreaker on the Kiel Canal for 50 years, it has kept the world's most important shipping route navigable. Today, the "Wal" as an active museum ship of a special kind keeps the special atmosphere of a steamboat trip alive with an impressive steam engine.

The motor ship is a recent development in the history of shipping; it wasn't until 1912 that a diesel engine was first built into a hull as a propulsion system. Warships were even steam-powered until the 1950s. Today, the Bundeswehr's patrol boat "Bad Bramstedt" relies on a hybrid drive - diesel engine and diesel-electric drive. The blue-white ship, built in 2000 and with a length of around 70 meters, is known from TV as the "Coast Guard" and for the third time at the "Seaside City Festival" Bremerhaven.

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