Ein Vollschiff mit weißen Segeln.

The „Mir“ (Peace) was the third out of six same class ships which was built in the 80s in the Danzig Lenin-shipyard. The first ship out of the series, which was designed by the Polish Zygmunt Choren, is the “Dar Mlodziezy”. Every type of this kind of ship is a windjammer.  The modern, simple rig and the fact, that the “Mir” is a swimming school for the Merchant Marine trainees, are just some points which make a big difference compared to other older ships.

For years it’s known to be one of the fastest square-rigged vessels. On one hand that is owned to the former captain Viktor Antonov and his ambitious training methods, on the other hand its caused by the way the hulk was built and how to set the sails. They are fitted with quite some distance to the masts, which allows to sail close on the wind.

The reasons why the Russian decided for a new “Dar Mlodziezy”-type of ship, is mostly because of the combination between traditional seafaring and modern motor boats. The “Mir” is well motorized, has a lot of navigational devices and class rooms.

In a matter of fact, this type of vessel has a lot to offer, thanks to its stability, safety and celerity. With good wind conditions, the “Mir” is able to sail around 16 knots and since 2000 under command from Sergey Timoshkov.

Type: Full-rigged ship
Owner: Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy and Rosmorport, St. Petersburg
Homeport: St. Petersburg
Total length: 109,00 m
Width: 14,00 m
Draft: 6,50 m
Sail area: 2.773 m²

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