Lettering Seaside City Festival 2018

A touch of seafaring romance can be experienced in Bremerhaven at the end of May: With two beautiful windjammers, the "Alexander von Humboldt II" and "El Galeón" as well as other sailing ships. At the third "SeeStadtFest - Landgang Bremerhaven" from May, 24th to 27th, 2018, Bremerhaven will be transformed into a mecca for ship lovers.

Fans of the maritime flair can marvel at the festival area just behind the river Weser dyke with historic steam and motor ships, wooden planks and canvas as well as steel hulls. Ship tours, chatting with sailors from all over the world and the fascinating view from the ship to the hustle and bustle on land are all possible with the daily "Open Ship". A diversified music programme and the Street Food Festival on weekends will make for a serene day.

While almost all ships remain in port, two of them go out to sea and take passengers with them: The handsome two-masted "Mercedes" and "Albert Johannes" hoist the sails for half-day excursions. They will be on the road from May 24th to 27th, both in the mornings and afternoons. Tickets for this romantic pleasure at the "Mercedes" or "Albert Johannes" are available at the Tourist Information Bremerhaven.

Für Tipps, Tickets und Termine in und rund um Bremerhaven steht Ihnen die Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH gerne zur Verfügung.


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