A sailing ship with set sails.

Maritim Highlights 2017

The special program points

A touch of seafaring romance can be experienced at the end of May in Bremerhaven: With two of the biggest Windjammers on earth, the “Sedov” and “Mir” as well as over twenty other sailing ships, Bremerhaven will transform during the second “SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven” from 24th to 28th May 2017 to a Mecca for lovers of ships.

Fans of the maritime flair can experience historic Steam- and Motorboats as well as boats made out of steel. To complement the whole experience, wooden planks and canvas are everywhere to be found. Going on board, having a quick chat with seamen from all over the world and the fascinating view from aboard – that’s what in for you while taking part of our daily “Open Ship” possibilities.

The Hanseatic-Market with historic-maritime crafts, a diversified music program and the Street Food Festival on the weekend will give you serene days. In case of the holiday the SeeStadtFest will be held for five days and starts Wednesday afternoon.

While nearly all ships stay inside the harbor, the two-master “Mercedes” sets sail for half-day trips and will take passengers aboard. On the 25th and 28th of May it’ll start in the morning as well as in the afternoon from the New Habor. Tickets for this romantic treat on the “Mercedes”, which is on duty as a tall ship since 2005, start at 59,50 €; family-tickets can be booked as well. 

Für Tipps, Tickets und Termine in und rund um Bremerhaven steht Ihnen die Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH gerne zur Verfügung.


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