Date and logo of the “SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven”

Hanseatic Market

Fitting to the replica of the ships, which can also be seen as a paradigm at the Deutsche Schifffahrtsmuseum, a Hanseatic Market is taking place on the Lloyd-Platz. Typical for a harbor in medieval times, you’ll find Hansekontore, which will examine goods, scale and count them. Those were typical duties in the Hanseatic League, which exported goods in the 14th century. Back in the day there was an important harbor in Lehe, where the cogs from Bremen usually tarnished. Forger and carver are making plank-nails as well as ship supplies for the dangerous journeys. Armed and equipped soldiers of the Hanseatic Cities present their armor and swords. Of course this calls for sword fights on the Lloyd Platz. Additional medieval craftsmen, tradespeople and the infamous Mead-Tavern in combination with the cogs will take you way back in time.

Opening hours in the Harbor Worlds during the "SeeStadtFest - Landgang Bremerhaven" 2017:

Wednesday, 24.05.17, from 12am - 12pm
Thursday, 25.05.17, from 11 am - 212 pm
Friday, 26.05.17, from 12 am - 1pm
Saturday, 27.05.17, from 12 am - 2 pm
Sunday, 28.05.17, from 11 am - 8 pm

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