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"Hanse Explorer" - Expedition Yacht

Adventure. Comfort. Experience the sea.

The expedition yacht “Hanse Explorer” is one of the most exclusive cruise-liner on the market. With just 12 guests on board, they target far-flung sites between North- and South Pole.

It was built in the German shipyard Fassmer, which is located in Bremen, in 2006. The “Hanse Explorer” has the highest commercial ice class, which is why it is predestined for journeys into the cold areas of the Arctic and Antarctica. Of course the yacht is also approved for expeditions into tropical regions.

Since its commissioning, the „Hanse Explorer“ has done adventurous travels for private passengers as well as academic expeditions. Few of the destinations were Spitzbergen, Greenland, Antarctica as well as the Galapagos Islands. It has also traveled the South Pacific and the Amazon River.

Guests will be spoiled by a crew out of 16 members, enjoy gourmet-food and can have a personal talk with the captain about the route. During the entire journey, the guests will have the chance to follow the crew around, including the ship’s bridge, engines, on deck and the galley. That’s how they can really live the spirit of seafaring.

The considerate care of the Crew, the thrilling daily grind on board and the close experience of unaffected nature and wildlife make the expedition on board to an experience of a lifetime.

After the “SeeStadtFest” the “Hanse Explorer” will head for the “land of the polar bears” Spitzbergen, to start the annual season in the Arctic.

Type: Expedition Yacht
Owner: „Hanse Explorer“ GmbH & Co. KG
Homeport: St. John‘s
Length: 47,76 m
Width: 10,40 m
Draft: 4,30 m
Crew: 8 - 16

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