A sailing ship on an overpass with passengers on board.

The „Grönland“ is one of the eldest German seagoing vessel used on duty. In 1867 she was built in Norway as a ship for hunting seals and is known for the first German polar expedition with Captain Karl Koldewey heading for Spitzbergen.

Today, the “Grönland” isn’t used as a research vessel anymore, but part of the fleet from the German Maritime Museum and is known for being one of the best restored sailing ships in Europe.

In summer you can find the “Grönland” in thr North- and Baltic sea which is the usual sailing area. During the winter, it’s back with the fleet from the Maritime Museum in “Alten Hafen”. From all of the other ships like “Seute Deern”, “Elbe 3”, “Seefalke” or “Rau X”, the “Grönland” is by far the most active and used ship with its 150 years. It’s also used as an ambassador for Bremerhaven and the German Maritime Museum. A voluntary crew is responsible for the care of this valuable ship in Bremerhaven.

Homapage German Maritime Museum

Type: Nordic Yacht
Owner: DSM, Bremerhaven
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Total length: 29,30 m
Width: 6,00 m
Draft: 2,30 m

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