Date and logo of the “SeeStadtFest – Landgang Bremerhaven”

Flames of Water

A firework made out of water and music, that’s what the impressive spectacle “Flames of Water” is all about. During the evening hours from Wednesday, 24th May 2017 to Friday, 26th May 2017, the Neuer Hafen will be light up with colorful lights, huge water fountains framed with suitable music. The audience will be enchanted!

Over a length up to 30 meters different formations of water fountains will be shot in the Bremerhavener evening sky. The Neuer Hafen will be covered in a dazzling sea of lights, goose bumps guaranteed! Be electrified by the breathtaking atmosphere “Flames of Water” creates.

Times "Flames of Water":

Wednesday, 24.05.17, approx. 11 pm
Thursday, 25.05.17, approx. 11.45 pm
Friday, 26.05.17, approx. 11.30 pm
Saturday, 27.05.17, Firework at around 11 pm

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