A sailing ship with red sails.

The "Eye of the Wind" is a brigantine sailing ship which was built in 1911 at the C. H. Lühring shipyard in Brake, Germany, originally as a top sailing schooner named "Friedrich". The "Friedrich" was first used as a schooner for the South American skin trade. In 1923 it was registered in Sweden under the name "Merry" and was used for transport in the Baltic and North Seas. In 1969 she was liberated from her masts and was on her way as a motor ship. In a fire that almost ended her days at sea she was severely damaged.

In 1973 friends of sailing began to rebuild her in Faversham, England. After completion of the restoration she was given the name "Eye of the Wind". In October 1976 she set sail for Australia. In 1978, she sailed from Plymouth as the flagship of Operation Drake, a two-year sailing expedition that led her back to London in December 1980.

In 2001 she was taken over by a new owner and registered in Gilleleje, Denmark. Her interior has been extensively renovated. In 2009 she found a new owner in Forum Media Group, Germany.

Convince yourself of the overwhelming effect of this dreamlike ship during an unforgettable sailing trip.
Trips aboard the "Eye of the Wind"

Type: Brig
Owner: FORUM train & sail GmbH
Home port: Jersey
Nation: Great Britain
Length: 40,20 m
Width: 7,02 m
Draught: 2,80 m
Sail area: 750m²

Thursday, 23 May 2019, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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