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Attention Low-German fans! The Low-German festival is taking part during the SeeStadtFest on Thursday, 23rd May 2019. Starting at 4:15 p.m. the Low-German festival will cover the entire spectrum of musical diversity – with eclectic bands delivering their songs in the most northern German way possible. Gerd Blancke will host the event.

Opening acts will be a children & senior citizen choir. The mixed choir of the local Spadener elementary school is consisting of pupils all ages. In addition, the mixed senior citizen choir ‘Seniorenchor Elmlohe-Marschkamp’ is hitting the stage. Both choirs are presenting Low-German songs and are conducted by Ulrike Brickwedel.

The ‘Blancke Trio’ is next. Known as local heroes of Bremerhaven, they started out as a band in 1976. Since the early days it was an utmost concern of all members to teach the Low-German language through singing and simply interacting with people. The ‘Blancke Trio’ performs a wide range of songs – traditional, original and cover songs are translated into Low German. Some are humorously presented, others are more sophisticated and have a touching side.

The following band is called ‘Die Waddenläufer’ and their slogan “Rockin’ all över de Dörp” (‘rocking all over the village’) says it all. With a wide range of instruments (E-Guitar, drums, e-bass, cajon and melodica) and beautiful vocals an exuberant atmosphere is guaranteed. A variety of rock-classics, reggae, originals and more is waiting for you.

Celebrating their 40th anniversary ‘LAWAY’ is still run by the main singer Gerd Brandt and his member Jörg Fröse, which is a multi-instrumentalist. Carmen Bangert, known from the global-folk-trio ‘La Kejoca’, recently took over the female lead voice. In addition, they are supported by Jonas Rölleke and Keno Brandt. With instruments like violins, hurdy gurdy, whistles, bass and percussions, excellent sound is inevitable.

The rock-metal band ‘De Winnewupps’ is making rock-music in Low-German since 2014. Their original sounds will surely entertain the crowd during the Low-German Festival.

The final act is taking by the ‘Schkandolmokers’. With a good mixture of punk, Low-German and a lot of fun, they will surely have the crowd stoked. The band was founded in 2012 – now they are winners of the ‘Plattsound Contest’ and shared the stage with bands like ‘De fofftig Penns’ or ‘Torfrock’.

The music programm "Dat Plattfest" on Thursday, 23 May 2019 in the Harbor Worlds Bremerhaven:

  • Plattfest, 4 p.m., Radio Bremen stage
  • Kinderchor Grundschule Spaden & Gemischter Chor Elmlohe-Marschkamp, 4.15 p.m., Radio Bremen stage
  • Blancke Trio, 5.30 p.m., Radio Bremen stage
  • Wattenläufer, 6.45 p.m., Radio Bremen stage
  • Laway, 8 p.m., Radio Bremen stage
  • De Winnewupps, 9.15 p.m., Radio Bremen stage
  • De Schkandolmokers, 10.30 p.m., Radio Bremen stage


Program subject to change without notice.

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