A cutter with crew at his mooring.

"Christel" - Cutter

Restored cutter of a special kind

The „Christel“ was built in 1936 as a cutter rigged fishing vessel in Tolkemit on the Vistula Lagoon. The Modersitzki shipyard, especially famous for a long tradition in building Lommens (Lommens were flat bottom ships, which were popular at the turn of the century in the harbors and landscapes of East Prussia), and for traditional wooden shipbuilding techniques. Since after the 20ties more and more harbors and lagoons were dredged, one also switched here to building cutters with larger drafts, whereby preserving regional characteristics.

The hulk of the „Christel“ consists of 10 cm thick oak frames, on which 4,5 cm thick oak planks were diagonally (in karwel) applied. The deck, in the meantime completely renewed is made out of pitch pine and Douglas. The lines of the vessels body in the underwater area and the lines under the waterline give the ship with a length/width relation of 2,7:1 great stability.

After the war the „Christel“ served as a fishing cutter. Coming from Pomerania through Neustadt near Flensburg to Eckernförde and later from there coming to Bremerhaven in 1988 in bad shape. The „Christel“ found a new home at the Sailor's Guild Bremerhaven. The owner Michael Pfau refurbished her in numerous steps according to old plans in traditional manner. Since 1992 up to six guests can sail along on the cutter.

Type: Cutter
Owner: Michael Pfau, Bremen
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Total length: 18,00 m
Width: 4,94 m
Draft: 1,80 m

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