Lettering Seaside City Festival 2019

Watching ships for four days, talking to crews, listening to music, enjoying delicious food and simply having fun - that's the "Seaside City Festival - Shore Leave Bremerhaven". But what the big ones like is not always just as exciting for the short ones. That's why the organisers have also created a varied programme for the little ones. Here is an overview:

Children's party from Thursday to Sunday

Four days long is guaranteed at the Old Harbor in front of the German Maritime Museum a lot of fun for the little ones. The Bremerhaven play mobile, for example, drives up and offers a lot of varied games every day in the childcare area. Two exciting bouncy castles invite you to have fun on the green area. With an action pavilion, a roller slide and many interactive activities, the children's workshop from Osnabrück is part of the action. On Saturday and Sunday free child make-up is also on the program.

Mini marionette stage inspires

On Sunday Ralph Hohmann will be a guest at the Seaside City Festival with probably the smallest puppet theatre in the world. With homemade puppets he takes the little ones on a musical journey to Paris, the South Seas and the beautiful Zillertal. A spectacle that will inspire the children.

Ice festival for small and large

For the first time as part of the Seaside City Festival, the ice festival is coming from Bremen to Bremerhaven. The offer includes ice cream in numerous classic as well as unusual flavours, which are served freshly made.

Wish songs from the live music box

The children, who have undisguised access to the music, will also enjoy the performances of the live jukebox. In the box sits a musician who plays all the songs the audience wants on demand. Dancing is allowed.

Open ship for the pirate heart

Pirate ships will not come, but there are beside the "Mir", the fastest windjammer of the world, also two lightships and a frigate at the quay. There are also about 70 other large and small ships made of wood, steel and under sail. Much can be visited - mostly free of charge.

Wooden boatyard for small captains

On Saturday and Sunday, the Technical Relief Agency is on site and invites you to do creative handicrafts. In their luggage are all the materials the children need to build small wooden boats.

Find treasures at the flea market

In cooperation with Flohmaxx, one of the biggest organizers, the pedestrian zone in Bremerhaven turns into a huge flea market on Sunday. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can bargain for everything the tables have to offer.

Program subject to change without notice.

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