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165 Years New Harbor

Founded in 1827, the ship traffic in Bremerhaven developed in a rapid way:  in 1834 248 ships arrived in the “Alten Hafen”. In 1847 a liner traffic to New York City was put up. As ships got bigger and bigger, a new harbor basin needed to be build. The harbor architect Johannes Jacobus van Ronzelen made that possible. It was built from 1847 to 1852. At its grand opening, the basin had a width of 85 meters and a length of 230 meters. The basin was expanded three times, since 1871 it got its final measurements. Highlight was lock. Back in the day, it was the biggest in Europe with 22 meters width. It must have been fascinating to watch the easy passage with the huge American paddle-steamers. The towns landmark was the 36 meter high brick lighthouse: the “Simon-Loschen-Leutturm”.

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