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"Zuiderzee" - Sailing ship

One of the few still sailing two mast schooners of the Netherlands

She was already called "Ernst Wilhelm", "Hans", "Pirat", "Klaus Hinrich Karstens", "Einigkeit" and "Genius", and was a real cargo ship. The schooner got the name "Zuidersee" in 1986 and since then it sails with fans of the real sailing experience across the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Fortunately, the outward appearance was not changed during the reconstruction in 1978. But the interior is, because where once potatoes or other loads were stored, there are now comfortable bedrooms, cosy living rooms and a well-equipped kitchen.

The "Zuidersee" is a multiple guest in Bremerhaven.

Type: Schooner
Owner: Traditional Sailing Charter BV, Hamm
Home port: Enkhuizen
Nation: Netherland
Length: 38,00 m
Width: 6,90 m
Draught: 2,40 m
Sail area: 430 m²
Crew: 3

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