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"Zenobe Gramme" - Sailing ship

A research vessel of the Belgian Navy

A scientist gave his name to the "Zénobe Gramme" and the ship worked for science in the first years after the keel was laid in 1960. In particular, work was carried out in the field of hydroacoustics and current measurements and other maritime phenomena were investigated. In 1970, the Belgian Navy took over the two-masted ship as a sailing training ship and still trains its junior nautical officers there today. In addition to two officers and five crews, the crew also includes eleven cadets for this task. At the same time, the Belgian navy uses the ship for representative tasks.

The "Zénobe Gramme" could already be admired at SAIL Bremerhaven 2015.

Type: Bermuda Ketsch
Owner: Royal Belgian Navy
Home port: Zeebrugge
Nation: Belgium
Length: 28,15 m
Width: 6,85 m
Draught: 2,80 m
Sail area: 700 m²
Crew: 18

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