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"Welle" - Steam ship

Was successfully used as an icebreaker

Before the outbreak of World War I the deepening of the Weser was pending. Therefore, people were deeply in need of a towboat. The Bremer Atlas-Werke got the allowance in Juli 1914. The 11th April 1915 marks the day the steamboat “Welle” launched and got delivered in October to the “ Bauamt für Weserkorrektion” (Building Authority for Weser-Adjustment). Next to being “only” a towboat, there were other jobs in need to be done. In cold and harsh winters, the “Welle” was used as a icebreaker.
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Type: Twin screw - steamer
Owner: Dampfer Welle e.V., Bremen
Port of call: Bremerhaven
Nation: GER
Length: 37,36 m
Width: 7,20 m
Draft: 2,80 m
Crew: 4

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