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"Urania" - Sailing ship

The "Urania" is a sail training ship

The "Urania" was launched in 1928 as the schooner yacht "Tromp". Ten years later the Royal Navy of the Netherlands took over the ship and has been using it as a training ship ever since. After the Second World War, which the "Urania" spent in Germany, she was brought back to the Netherlands, restored, modernised and rigged as a ketch. Since then, the "Urania" has successfully participated in many ocean regattas, her spinnaker in the Dutch national colours is visible from afar and makes it clear that the ketch is a sailing training ship.

Following a general overhaul in 2003/2004, the Dutch Navy also likes to use its "Urania" as an ambassador at major maritime events. The "Urania" takes part for the fifth time in a SAIL in Bremerhaven.

Species: Bermuda Ketsch
Owner: Koninklijk Institut voor de Marine, Den Helder
Home port: Den Helder
Nation: NED
Overall length: 26,85 m
Width: 6,04 m
Draught: 2,65 m
Sail area: 305 m²
Crew: 17

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